Online Bass Recording

Tailored, Unique, Professional Bass Recordings for your music.

I have recorded for an eclectic range of artists across many different genres and always pride myself on the competitive prices and fast turnaround.

No matter what your requirements we can work together to make sure your music has the perfect Bass recording, whether it’s a single, album or film score.

With professional recording equipment and a wide variety of different Basses at my disposal, we can create either an authentic or unique Bass sound.

I always take your input on board. The aim is simple – to achieve the exact sound you desire.

Every booking begins with an email consultation to discuss your precise expectations from the Bass recording.

Many options are available, from notation, to free reign on my part.

The further possibility exists to combine any such recordings with added promotion on my social media platforms, with a massive worldwide following (see social links below)

Contact me today for a bespoke quote by email: or click the link below